It’s not the matter of finding one’s own self; this is to experience and question the existence of individuality.

The sculptural form, to me, reveals the existence of the human origin of life. The installation induces sensation and questions the sense of absence. It evokes the evolution of human life exposing the secret of the unborn; the journey of gender origin.

‘It’s not an image I am seeking, it’s not an idea. It’s an emotion you want to recreate an emotion of wanting, of giving, and of destroying.’ (Meyer-Thoss, 1992, p 194)

What happens when we lose control?

‘I never dream. I think though I am not sure, that my connection with the unconscious comes not through the dream but through real-life.’ (Meyer-Thoss, 1992, p 122)

The work is a reflection of experience into a highly personal visual language, using the womb as a representational form. It questions pain, agony, and selflessness. The sculptural form titled ‘Dejection’ is looked upon from a different perspective. The idea is to experience the peripheral as well as inner layers inside out.

‘The relation of one person to his surroundings is a continuing preoccupation. It can be causal or close, simple or involved, subtle or blunt. It can be painful or pleasant. Most of all it can be real or imaginary. This is the soil from which all my work grows. The problems of realization-technical, and even formal and aesthetics-are secondary; they come afterward and can be resolved.’ (Meyer-Thoss, 1992, p 179)

Saleem has been exploring various perspectives of Art & Design in different contexts. He graduated with a BA in Textile Design from Beaconhouse National University (BNU), Lahore, Pakistan (2003-2007).

Saleem went to do an MFA in Fashion and Textile Design with specialization in textile design and fiber art at The Swedish School of Textiles (2009-2011), which helped him to brush up his skills using various methods and techniques. Creating sculptural forms on industrial knitting machines was a striking feature of his installations reframing the idea of conventional textile production. These experiences still make Saleem question the layers of complexity between Art and Design.

Saleem has exhibited his artworks in Pakistan as well as internationally. i.e. Lahore, Islamabad, New Delhi, Boras, Stockholm, Paris, UAE, Ukraine.

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